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Monarchyonline Announces 15 Go Girl Awards for Inspirational Females in 2017. Awards event London November the 9th 2017.
GoGirl London has grown from social media discussions with and from the amazing help and support for charity from inspirational females of all ages. We feel that the amazing efforts of younger females should be recognised to maintain and reward their inspirational efforts.
Following various educational events from January to August 2017, aimed at helping the public learn more about the monarchy, the charity are now proud to share that the girls team successfully drove the full 2017 Route Dolomites drive.

The primary purpose for the two female drivers was to raise awareness for people living with MS or Multiple Sclerosis and those recovering, after a stroke. Kaz Aston also, has MS & sadly her mother recently had a stroke, so very important as a stroke occurs around 152 Thousand Times a year that is, one stroke every three minutes and 27 seconds in the UK.

Kaz Aston also shares the #SupercarGB 2017 event was totally amazing especially, when two ladies drove a powerful Audi R8 SuperCar, that continuously gave superb performance times and solid comfort over the dolomites challenging roads.

Also as, team #Gogirl wants to promote female engagement, interest in super cars and to help charity, which for #SuperCarGB was their first time. Additionally, Team #Monarchy Online #gogirl is the first ever female team to enter or drive the full #SuperCarGB route, for 2017 across the challenging Route Dolomites

What is #GoGirl all about ?

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Many people use the hashtag #GoGirl for sharing headlines on twitter to say thank you or well done to females that have helped others often achieve their dreams.

#GoGirl awards were developed in 2014 with CEO Kaz Aston says "We are SO excited to share that we have just gained an amazing royal patron. Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia & Serbia. We are also working with the Rotary club in Great Britain and Ireland future president, Mrs Eve Conway."

Fundraising & Events hopes that they will receive nominations for #GoGirl awards from
all walks of life and different professions and industries.
News: The first
#GoGirl awards are planned for 2015 in London for females aged over
only 10 years old.
Events: CEO Kaz Aston is entering an all female team into the
2015 Cannonball Run Europe. The idea behind this is to drive 2,500 miles across Continental Europe in six days!

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Eve Conway says "These awards are a great opportunity to recognise positive, young female role models, who are going out of their way to make a difference to the world around them, and inspire others.

There are so many amazing, unsung heroines and it is good to give them the recognition that they truly deserve."

London fashion house and manufacturer Chairman Mr Philip Lester of A&L Fashion London, said "A&L Fashion London are really pleased to be involved with the new GoGirl awards to recognise achievements and help sponsor the GoGirl trophies for fashion. Also, I hope this generates more interest in employment and to help offer more choices to younger people planning their future careers."

Getting #GoGirls the publicity
they deserve

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Business Administrator Mrs Monica Rouf from says " has a new website, and the team are quickly becoming popular on Social Media with website communications reaching many different global audiences that are requesting partnership opportunities for education and social events. The team are very committed to improving education opportunities and raising awareness with all ages and groups in society about Constitutional Monarchy." is a global internet community and resource for thousands of people of all ages and uses social media so that people an enjoy learning about what the Modern Monarchy does today.

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